Finding Friends as Yo-Pro

Writer’s note: My thoughts are not representative of the entire yo-pro community, only voiced to provide insight into the daily struggles of a post graduate. 

“Every new friend is a new adventure…the start of new memories.”

– Patrick Lindsay

Let me set the scene for you. Graduating college, I had a solid group of best friends that I could rely on. Some were at school, others still in my hometown. Outside of that circle were more friends, not best friends, but ones I would be comfortable chatting a bar with over a casual drink.

Once out of college, my group of best friends went on their merry, separate ways. Two were doing a “victory lap” to finish up their degrees, and the other two went to their respective homes in search of jobs. Me, moving to another city slightly away from home, started a marketing career and began my current life as a yo-pro.

My situation might be unique in that I moved to a city where I knew few people at a company I had worked two years prior. This city might I add, not necessarily a booming metropolis. In my current role, my team consists of a middle-aged Indian woman (my super boss), four young dads (one of which is my direct boss), a recent (ish) college graduate, and an older woman. While this group of people is extremely friendly and personable at work, it’s safe to say that no one is texting me on weekends to go grab a drink. You might say wait, you said a college graduate was in your group! Yahtzee! You would be correct; however, said recent college graduate rarely attended social events and focused most of his time on work. The struggle is in my role, I almost only interact with this group of people despite the company employing almost 46,000 people worldwide. The struggle is real.

My recent endeavors to gain friends have included: joining a gym (yes, JOINING A GYM), swimming at 5:30 in the morning, going to lunches where I know almost no one, attending conferences that barely touch my daily job responsibilities, etc. While this might not seem like extreme tasks, they’re certainly difficult. I am not a morning person.

I am certainly not a reclusive person so don’t get those ideas in your head. I enjoy having a balanced social life – where I can feel comfortable going out with friends on weekends and sharing who my recent crushes are but also spend time at home devouring a season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I am social, outgoing, friendly – the whole nine yards. I still have my group of best friends, although we are in different states.

So I ask you fellow yo-pros, what have you done to make friends in your new roles?


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