Greetings from Corporate America

You might be asking yourself, “What is a yo-pro?” Is it a professional yo-yoer? A professional youngster? Close, but no cigar. A yo-pro is a young professional – someone I personally define as a one who is in the 20s working among millions in corporate America. These yo-pros are often recent college graduates, working in their first full-time position, and almost always still growing their business casual wardrobe (This might not seem important, but it is, trust me).

A yo-pro often lives alone with an adorable pet or a slightly annoying roommate(s) to achieve minimal monthly payments to afford more trips to the local bar. Thriftiness also inspires a love of all free things in yo-pros, including but not limited to food, exercise classes, alcohol beverages, furniture from coworkers, etc. While thrifty, yo-pros can often spend a considerable amount of money furnishing their meager apartment, buying adorable outfits for adorable pets, traveling on the weekends to visit friends, and of course, booze. It’s common for a new yo-proer to spend ample time on Netflix after a long day of work, which you realize, is actually very long.

See Urban Dictionary to verify my perspective

The hours before the post-grad struggles began.

The hours before the post-grad struggles began.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Ok, so who is this self-proclaimed yo-pro?” Well, that’s simple. I’m a recent graduate of the best place on earth, THE University of Dayton.

The photo you see to the right is just hours before I became a post-grad, as the cap and gown might indicate. Those were the happy days, the celebratory days, and definitely the care-free days.

All of these traits describe myself, and many family members, friends and strangers across the globe.Keep in mind these experiences are not reflective of every yo-pro, just my fabulous life. As I’ve been embraced into the yo-pro-hood (the livelihood that is a yo-pro), I’ve encountered many struggles, MANY struggles. But I’ve also picked up a thing or two along the way. This blog will include my post-grad wins, failures, embarrassments, and maybe a rants after a few glasses of cheap wine. Don’t like dry sarcasm? Better stay away.

I didn’t choose the yo-pro life – the yo-pro life chose me.




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